HR due diligence

We provide support in the verification of compliance of any practices applied by our Clients in the HR area with the applicable legal regulations – either on a comprehensive basis or in a selected area (e.g. the settlement of working time).

We have extensive experience in employee due diligence carried out to assess the risk related to capital ventures (identification of the so called red flags in the HR area); due diligence of personnel documentation, in particular of the completeness and accurateness of personal files kept, and of employers ensuring adequate protection of personal data related to HR, as well as due diligence to optimise the applied working time solutions (e.g. to limit the costs of overtime).

Our analyses give consideration not only to the applicable national and EU regulations but also to any guidelines resulting from judicial decisions and positions of the National Labour Inspectorate (PIP), government labour administration or the Polish Data Protection Authority (currently PUODO, previously GIODO).

Under this area of practice, we:

  • in the area of HR as part of preparation for capital ventures;
  • of personal files of employees;
  • of the working time settlement rules (including of correct use of the task-based working time system);
  • of HR-related personal data protection;
  • of collective labour law documentation (regulations, collective labour law agreements, collective agreements) in terms of their regulatory compliance;
  • comprehensive due diligence of the employer’s situation in terms of compliance with labour law and to identify the possibility of applying solutions more favourable to the employer.

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