Transfer of the workplace

We provide assistance in the processes of transformation, merger and division of companies within the scope relating to employment. We carry out due diligence in the area of labour law.

Our team prepares comprehensive documentation necessary for the proper transfer of the workplace or any part thereof to another employer, both with regard to individual employment contracts and cooperation with trade unions or works councils, functioning of the company social fund or handing over of personal files of employees.

We know how important it is in such undertakings to provide employers with detailed knowledge about legal consequences and present to them a clear and understandable schedules of the relevant actions.

Under this area of practice, we:

  • assess the need to apply the provisions on the transfer of the workplace or any part thereof to another employer and prepare comprehensive transfer documentation;
  • provide advice at the stage of making decisions regarding the terms of transferring employees and intended actions in this regard;
  • conduct negotiations with trade unions, staff representatives and work councils;
  • support the employer in communicating with the staff.

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