Working time

Despite – or maybe rather because – the provisions of the Labour Code regarding working time have not changed fundamentally for many years, this area generates many problems to employers.

It results from the failure to adjust code regulations to the changing economic realities, in which employees (especially young people entering the labour market) require the company to provide them with flexibility in the performance of their duties.

Numerous court rulings and official positions or interpretations presenting many, often different, views on issues related to working time do not contribute to the proper settlement of working time, either. We follow them on an ongoing basis so we can provide Clients with solutions based on up-to-date and most recent trends.

Under this area of practice, we:

  • advise organisations on the selection of optimal working time systems and settlement periods;
  • assist in drafting correctly one of the most important provisions of work regulations regarding working time;
  • based on our wide experience, we assist in working out proper relations regarding working time with mobile employees and those employed under the task-based working time system;
  • implement mechanisms allowing to flexibly plan and manage working time in a manner adapted to the specifics of a given organisation (e.g. extended settlement periods, “flexible” settlement periods);
  • conduct dedicated training courses closed to the broader public (e.g. for HR and payroll departments) during which we discuss working time issues in a practical manner;
  • represent employers in court disputes and proceeding conducted by the National Labour Inspectorate /PIP/ with regard to working time.

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