Social security and taxes

Our lawyers advise employers on taxation and payment of any social contributions and benefits made for or to employees.

While providing support to our Clients, we are guided by applicable legal regulations and (frequently changing) interpretations of the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS) and tax authorities.

Under this area of practice, we:

  • make assessment of the grounds for employment, indicating potential effects in terms of public law charges related to individual solutions;
  • support employers in contacts with the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS)/Tax Office (US) with regard to all aspects of employment;
  • provide solutions allowing the application of 50% rate of tax deductible expenses in the context of the more stringent interpretations of tax authorities;
  • resolve doubts about calculation of sick pay and individual components of such remuneration;
  • support employers in carrying out inspections of employees’ sick leaves and preventing their abuse;
  • advise on benefits paid to the so-called mobile workers.

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