Work regulations and other internal policies

The collective labour law sphere allows adapting “general” labour law to the needs of a specific employer, so it is worthwhile to pay some attention to this issue.

We provide our Clients with assistance and advice on developing documents related to collective labour law. The mere preparation of the appropriate work regulations, i.e. taking into account the specificity of the business, allows to significantly increase the security of the employer’s interests as well as limit possible risk and consciously manage the same.

Work regulations, along with other internal regulations, should form a coherent system of in-house labour law acts, taking into account the actual day-to-day operation of a given workplace.

Under this area of practice, we:

  • draft work regulations based on the analysis of actual conditions of work order and organisation in the workplace;
  • assess regulatory compliance of the practices applied by the Client with regard to work order and organisation in the workplace, including employee control, applied forms of monitoring, imposition of disciplinary penalties or issuance of official orders;
  • consult doubts about work order and organisation in the workplace, including employee sobriety testing, granting holiday leaves, rules for justifying absences or stay of employees on the premises of the workplace outside working hours;
  • make an analysis of policies, regulations, instructions, orders and lists related to work organisation (e.g. regarding the rules for personal data protection, trade secrets, prohibited work or the allocation of work clothes and footwear);
  • develop rules and regulations for the use of work tools, company cars and other types of property entrusted to employees for performing work.

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