Social activities of the employer

We advise Clients on issues related to the formation of the company social fund (ZFŚS), its functioning and resignation from operating such a fund.

Employers wishing to operate such a fund often face a number of formal and practical problems. Some of them result from the fact that the Act on Company Social Fund does not resolve most of the doubts in this regard, and even generates new ones. Therefore, we believe that it is the regulations, appropriately tailored to the business of a given employer, that should comprehensively govern the area of social activities of the employer.

Our team also advises Clients on issues related to other forms of employee support, including, for example, the creation and operation of aid and loan funds.

Under this area of practice, we:

  • create audits of the compliance of the provisions of the ZFŚS regulations applicable at Clients with the law, the positions and interpretations of courts and control authorities (in particular the Social Insurance Institution /ZUS/);
  • assess the need to create the company social fund in a given establishment and the possibility of resigning from operating it;
  • draft regulations of the company social fund with accompanying documents required for their daily functioning;
  • support Clients in the process of managing the fund’s resources by providing responses to current questions related, inter alia, to the conditions of granting benefits from the fund, verification of the social situation and participation of employees (including within trade unions or employees’ representation) in the social activities of the employer;
  • represent Clients in disputes regarding the company social fund, initiated by employees, trade unions or inspection bodies;
  • assist employers in their cooperation with the aid and loan fund, helping to create the statute of such a fund, properly document the election of its authorities and regulate the scope of operation of such fund under the relevant agreement.

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