Preparation for the implementation of work-life balance

The year 2023 is full of challenges in the HR area. New regulations on employee sobriety testing have come into force since 21 February 2023 and regulations on remote work entered into force on 7 April 2023.

However, the real “revolution” is still ahead of us, since on 9 March 2023 the Polish parliament passed a law implementing into the Polish legal system two directives on transparent and predictable working conditions in the European Union and ensuring a work-life balance for parents and carers (the so-called work-life balance directive).

These regulations come into force this spring!

The new regulations will completely change a significant part of HR processes and reveal the need for a completely new approach to them. Unfortunately, they were largely worded in an ambiguous manner, leaving considerable room for doubt.

Given the above, we have prepared an offer for the provision of legal support that meets the needs of employers and their HR departments. Our support is aimed at comprehensive preparation of HR departments for the upcoming changes, implementation of the documentation required in this regard and provision of ongoing consultation regarding these issues, in particular at the initial stage of application of the new provisions.

Under this area of practice, we provide the following:

Under this area of practice, we:

I. Workshop: “Preparation of the HR department for the implementation of work-life balance”

  • During the workshop, we will present the new legal regulations along with transitional provisions, indicating the HR areas that require “switching” the existing method of processing areas related in particular to hiring employees and keeping employee records. Using relevant examples, we will also discuss the very broad rights granted to parents and guardians under the new regulations. We will answer all questions and identify problems that may emerge in your organisation due to its specificity, employment level, organisational structure, industry, etc.
  • The training is scheduled for 3 full hours (with a 15-minute break). Depending on the Client’s preferences, this may be an on-site or online training.

II. Drafting of new document templates

  • The new regulations will force employers to draft and implement new HR documentation and to review and modify the documents used so far.
  • We propose a review of selected documents in terms of their compliance with the amended provisions, which will also take into account any issues agreed earlier during the workshop.
  • As a result of this review, you will have new document templates prepared (including modification of the existing documents and drafting of the new ones). In each case, we will indicate when and to what extent a given document should be used by the HR department.

III. Support and consultation on an ongoing basis

  • In the case of amendments to the HR law, it is natural (especially in the initial period of their application) that employers need to consult issues that are new to them on an ongoing basis. During this period, the Internet is full of unverified and often mutually exclusive “advice”. That’s why it is extremely important to be able to rely on quickly provided recommendations from a reliable partner. The team of the Law Firm will assist you with their expertise and experience.
  • Depending on the Client’s preferences, we will support the HR department on an ongoing basis by providing consultation via email, phone and (either online or on-site) meetings, striving to provide you with a sense of legal security and to ensure that you feel taken care of in this area.

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