Outsourcing of employees and temporary agency workers

The use of “external” personnel becomes more and more popular. In this regard, employers may, inter alia, cooperate with a temporary employment agency or rely on the so-called outsourcing of employees. We have extensive experience regarding the both solutions.

Our team verifies the options considered by employers and suggests whether the proposed terms of cooperation with a third-party entity are legally safe for our Clients, indicating the pros and cons of them.

We ensure compliance of the undertaken actions with the provisions of the labour law and provisions on the employment of temporary workers, but also with the provisions regarding social security, which very often are the main source of risk in this regard.

Under this area of practice, we:

  • review and draft agreements with third-party providers of outsourcing services and temporary employment agencies;
  • consult on an ongoing basis any emerging doubts related to the recruitment and hiring of “external” personnel;
  • support temporary employment agencies in legal aspects;
  • represent Clients in disputes with the Social Insurance Institution /ZUS/ and during court proceedings.

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