Personal data in HR

In response to the growing demand from employers, we have expanded our services in the field of HR-related personal data protection. We carry out audits of compliance of solutions applied in the organisation and the actual personal data protection level with the requirements under the GDPR. We draft tailored documents required in connection with the processing of personal data by employers, best suited to the needs of a given organisation, participate in the preparation of personal data protection policies or registers of personal data processing activities.

We provide the following services:

  • carry out audits of compliance of HR-related personal data processes with the requirements of the GDPR
  • draft the following documents: information clauses, consent forms, authorisations
  • participate in the development of personal data protection rules in the organisation (in particular as part of personal data protection policy) and registers of personal data processing activities
  • participate in developing rules for incident handlin
  • verify the need to enter into a personal data processing agreement and draft such agreements
  • notify Clients on a regular basis about the developing interpretation of the GDPR provisions and guidelines of supervisory authorities for employers processing personal data
  • provide training courses for managerial staff and employees responsible for personal data processing as part of their duties.

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