Collective labour law

The collective labour law sphere allows adapting “general” labour law to the situation and needs of a specific employer, so it is worthwhile to pay some attention to this issue. We provide our Clients with assistance and advice on developing documents related to collective labour law. For example, preparation of appropriate work regulations, taking into account the specificity of the conducted activities, allows to protect employer’s interests to a much higher degree.

As part of this area of practice, we offer also drafting anti-discrimination and anti-mobbing regulations and provide support in dealing with any issues related to these phenomena. We have long experience in both preventing such behaviour and solving situations that have already occurred.

We provide the following services:

  • draft work regulations which is preceded with an analysis of the actual work organisation conditions at our Client’s site
  • develop regulations of remuneration and bonus payment
  • implement anti-mobbing and anti-discrimination measures, including training for managerial staff and other persons managing employees
  • draft regulations for the functioning of the company social fund and rules of procedure of social committees
  • draft rules and regulations concerning the use of work tools, company cars, etc.

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