Non-competition and acts of unfair competition

In today’s economic realities, know-how of every organisation is its greatest asset. It is the unique solutions used by employers, distinguishable from those applied by other entities in the industry, which determine the market position and competitive advantage of a given organisation. One of the key factors related to the above is the access of middle and senior employees to the data and information of particular importance to the company.

These facts force employers to properly and comprehensively secure the interests of the company, in particular against the outflow or loss of any important data and information.

Under this area of practice, we:

  • assist in identifying what legally constitutes (may constitute) the employer’s trade secret;
  • develop and implement internal policies and regulations regarding competitive activities and acts of unfair competition;
  • draft non-compete agreements regarding both the term of employment and post-termination period (including hiring under civil law contracts);
  • conduct training courses for the managerial staff;
  • advise on how to protect yourself against employees or clients being taken over by competitors;
  • represent employers in court disputes over the breach by employees of non-compete clauses or disclosure by them of any trade secret.

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