Relations with trade unions

We have many years of experience in supporting employers in relations with trade unions. Our specialists advise Clients on the selection of a strategy for cooperation with the trade union and represent them during meetings, negotiations and bargaining.

In all our endeavours, we aim at ensuring the legality of any actions taken, while safeguarding the employer’s interest to the fullest extent possible.

Under this area of practice, we:

  • offer support in any issues that require cooperation of the employer with the trade union;
  • advise employers on collective disputes, individual dismissals and collective redundancies, employment restructuring, transfer of the workplace or any part thereof;
  • support employers in implementing or amending work or remuneration regulations, conducting negotiations, changing or terminating a collective labour agreement or a social package;
  • successfully represent employers in court disputes with the participation of trade union representatives, including disputes aimed at verifying the number of trade union members declared by the union.

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