Hiring employees

The selection of a proper basis is the first and most important step in the employment process. Another one is to define terms of cooperation in a way which ensures legal security and meets the intentions of our Clients.

We support employers at every stage related to the hiring of staff as well as the establishment of cooperation with employment agencies, young employees, trainees and school graduates.

Our lawyers advise on and consult detailed solutions regarding employment terms, in particular with regard to the most essential and crucial issues related to the remuneration system and correct use of the opportunities provided to employers by working time regulations.

We also draft documents regarding additional mechanisms securing the interests of the employer (e.g. non-compete agreement, trade secret clauses).

Under this area of practice, we:

  • review and recommend possible cooperation models;
  • draft and review employment contracts and accompanying documents;
  • draft non-compete agreements (regarding both the term of employment and post-termination period) and non-disclosure agreements;
  • evaluate and propose optimisation of the applied working time solutions (e.g. in order to avoid the need to make use of overtime);
  • draft documentation regarding the use of work performed by temporary agency workers;
  • draft contracts and documents related to the provision of employment to young people, trainees and school graduates;
  • draft individual wage/bonus agreements;
  • implement solutions allowing to use flexible forms of work performance.

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