Bullying at work, discrimination and unequal treatment

We have wide experience in providing employers with comprehensive support in matters relating to unequal treatment, bullying at work, discrimination and any unethical and undesirable behaviours in the organisation.

In these areas, it is definitely essential to focus on prevention since such approach guarantees the employer an optimal level of protection against allegations, in particular those of discrimination, bullying at work, unequal treatment, harassment or other cases of violation of employees’ personal rights.
Negative consequences of such behaviours include not only amounts of potential compensations, but also – and above all – reputational losses affecting the opinion of a given organisation as an employer and as a business partner (also due to the fact that these issues are more and more often taken into account in ethical audits).

Under this area of practice, we:

  • develop internal procedures and regulations aimed at preventing bullying at work, discrimination and other undesired behaviours in the workplace, including anti-bullying procedures and anti-discrimination policies;
  • conduct training courses for employees and managerial staff;
  • participate in investigation proceedings and support anti bullying committees in conducting such proceedings and making legal assessment of a given situation;
  • represent our Clients in court disputes regarding discrimination or bullying at work;
  • advise on how to react in situations when allegations of bullying or discrimination at work are not justified and used against the employer as a bargaining chip.

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