A properly developed and implemented system for reporting infringements and irregularities is an extremely important element of the functioning of any organisation. It allows quick detection of undesirable behaviours and phenomena, and – this is also very important – immediate implementation of remedial and corrective measures.

An equally important issue in this regard is providing whistleblowers (people reporting irregularities) with adequate legal protection.

Under this area of practice, we:

  • advise on which system for reporting irregularities is the most optimal for a given organisation (depending on its size, industry in which it operates, organisational structure, etc.);
  • draft and implement internal regulations and policies regarding the reporting of irregularities and the conducting of investigation proceedings;
  • train HR departments and individual groups of employees (e.g. managers);
  • advise on what corrective measures will be the most effective in the organisation in case of irregularities being detected.

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