Remuneration, bonuses and benefits

The determination of the terms of remuneration, rules for granting bonuses or using benefits may turn out to be risky if you forget to ensure their transparency and precise description or forget about the principles of equal treatment resulting from the regulations.

Many years of experience allow us to support our Clients in developing remuneration systems in a manner protecting their rights on legal grounds.

Another aspect, the omission of which may result in the opening of a Pandora’s box, is incorrect introduction of changes to the applicable remuneration rules, when the formal conditions resulting from the regulations and jurisprudence are omitted, where their observance is necessary to be able to correctly pay individual components of remuneration in accordance with the law, or vice versa – to stop paying them.

Under this area of practice, we:

  • consult the remuneration rules and terms of granting bonuses, review the applied solutions;
  • draft rules, policies, collective and individual agreements regarding remuneration issues;
  • optimise the components used in terms of the possibility of obtaining exemption from contributions or taxation;
  • support employers in introducing changes in the applied remuneration terms;
  • advise on creating remuneration policy for managerial staff;
  • represent our Clients in pay-related disputes with employees.

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