Employment of foreigners and posting of employees

It is getting more and more difficult to find an organisation in Poland that does not employ foreigners. Also in this area our Clients can feel fully “taken care of” in legal terms.

In this regard, not only do we follow the latest and increasingly frequent changes in regulations, but we also advise on how to employ third country nationals in accordance with the law, taking into account the practical aspects of the process of legalising the stay and work of foreigners in Poland.

We advise also employers who have decided to provide employment to Ukrainian citizens under the Act of 12 March 2022 on Assistance to Ukrainian Citizens in Connection with the Armed Conflict in the Territory of this Country (the so-called Ukrainian Special Act).

We handle the processes also “in the other direction”, i.e. related to the posting of employees outside the Republic of Poland. In this scope, we support our Clients in formal and practical issues that must and should be addressed under both Polish and EU provisions.

Under this area of practice, we:

  • advise on possible and optimal paths for legalising the work of foreigners;
  • draft necessary documents related to the provision of employment to foreigners;
  • represent employers before authorities in proceedings for the issuance of any relevant permits or other required documents;
  • advise on the terms of posting employees abroad and drafting documents required in this regard.

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