Recruitment of managerial staff

We provide Clients with advice on recruiting members of managerial staff, including board members, and on determining the terms of their employment and dismissal. With many years of experience in this field, we are able to indicate many alternative options possible, with consideration given to both risks and benefits related to each of them.

Our support in this regard includes also the analysis of tax and social security consequences of individual forms of employment applicable to representatives of managerial staff.

Under this area of practice, we:

  • draft managerial contracts;
  • safeguard the interest of the employer with regard to the trade secret protection, know-how protection or non-compete clauses for managers;
  • analyse alternative solutions, in particular in terms of the related public law charges;
  • develop regulations of remuneration, bonus payment, etc., with consideration given to the restrictions that limit the amount of remuneration payable in entities with the State Treasury shareholding;
  • draft agreements terminating cooperation, including the participation in preparation and reviewing of the so-called farewell packages.

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